Computer science in secondary school curriculum / European perspective

Attending the training on digital citizenship education (which will be covered in a separate post sometime), I could not waste a chance to ask about computing education, luckily having been among the representatives of 26 European countries. There were representatives of computing education, and  citizenship education, so I managed to receive only some of the responses. Nevertheless, the results I got, are pretty interesting to share.
Thanks to all the contributors from Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, Cyprus, Belgium, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Netherlands, Germany, Malta! Hope the information will be useful for you too.

Is there a subject of ICT (information and communication technology) in the curriculum? 100% yes.
Ukraine - no.

Is there a subject of computer science in the curriculum? 100% yes. Ukraine - yes.

Is computer science compulsory in any grade? 50% yes, 50% no. Ukraine - yes, in 2-9 grade compulsory for all, in 10-11 it is optional.
In Hungary it's compulsory from 5th grade to 10th grade. In Cyprus - in primary, secondary and 1 year of high school. In Iceland - in grades 1-10. In Denmark there are experiments with different ways of organising the subject of technical literacy (which has a large share of computing topics, you might want to check out the curriculum links below).

Is computer science integrated with other subjects? 9 countries - yes, Hungary - no. In Cyprus - only in primary school. Ukraine - integrated in primary only.

What topics are covered in computer science course?

Quite expectably, the Office-part, then programming and computer graphics. Also web-design, robotics and Internet safety are present in most countries. Databases only in half of countries, cybersecurity and 3D-modelling are represented less often.
Some of the countries allow for a wide variation in what a teacher does during the lessons, so this subject might look very differently in practice.
Ukraine - we don't have robotics and cybersecurity explicitly mentioned in the curriculum, all the other topics are present.

When was the last time the curriculum was updated? 50%-50%. Eigher quite a time ago (7-10 years ago), or quite recently (1-3 years ago). I could not find a trend in what topics have appeared/disappeared in the curriculums, depending on the update time.
Ukraine - update of 1-3 years.

Extremely valuable links to the national curriculums (addition to my collection

Can you say there's a tendency for programming to become more prominent in curriculum? 8 out of 10 - yes. 2 - no's. As a remark - the "no" answers were received from the representatives of citizenship, not computing education:)
Ukraine - yes.

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